Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Poem About Me

                                                                    I'm free/ I'm from/ I am
                                                                   by Angelica 

                                           I am free to run around and have fun
                                           I am from a small and quiet town

                                           I am free to sing or dance my way
                                           I am from a noisy town

                                           I am from Coaldale Alberta
                                           I am also from Lethbridge Alberta
                                           I am free to sing and dance the way I want
                                           I am free to just be myself

                                           I am from Canada
                                           I am a Canadian

                                         I was born and raised in Coaldale and Lethbridge
                                         I am free to learn and teach others and help out



  1. I like that you said your canadian because im canadian

  2. What do you like to do in Canada?

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  4. Where in Canada did you used to live?